I’m Indy Klooss, a Dutch 24 year old student ‘Business Innovation’

Driven by optimism i see a world of possibilities. I tend to get ideas
and make them work. That’s how I am and that’s what my study taught me.

My study
‘Business innovation’ trains me to create value.

With competences as researching, ideating, concepting, implementing,
and entrepreneuring I know how to find problems or opportunities and
bend them to solutions and value. I’m curious and open minded. I’m taught
to be critical and to do research before skipping to conclusions. 
But most of all I can cope with uncertainty and create something out of chaos.

My life-goal
 is looking back with pleasure when my time comes.

For now that means exploring the world and search for possibilities to create a product or a service.
Later on, maybe different stuff…. Who knows really?


If you want to, you can check my CV and projects via the menu.
If you have any questions or feel like working together on something.
please go to my contact details, also available trough the menu 😉