During my study I’ve been able to work for many companies
on project base and also did several extracurricular activities.
Below you can see some of my projects and ideas.

Etos is one of the biggest drugstores in the Netherlands.
They focus on beauty, health and body care. As well as competitively prices
Etos focusses on a pleasant shopping experience with friendly staff who
have lots of expertise. Etos owns around 250 stores across the country.
Also there are around 250 franchise stores of Etos.

Their challenge was to make the core values of Etos (inspiring & tempting)
more evident to their customers. With a team of four students including me
we got to work. We focused on two target groups of customers of Etos. The
healthy people and the sports people. Because Etos is a part of Ahold. They
could work together with other brands that are part of the same company.
Albert Heijn in this case. AH is one of the biggest supermarkets in the Netherlands
and already has millions of customers. In our concept Etos and AH would inspire
sporting people to have a balance between good food and supplements.
Also in the same concept it would inspire people who want to lose weight or
have a healthy lifestyle to use good products from AH and other vitamins or pills
from Etos. We pitched our concept during a big event at the head quarters of
Ahold and won second place. I was the creative mind behind the project and
also gave the presentation.


For a restaurant linked tot he national railways me and a team of students
got the challenge to expand their products range and improve the overall opinion.
We did research about the opinions of the customers and watched competitors.
Especially what they lack. Customers told that the main factors why they would buy
products were the speed of the order. The price and the quality. We recommended
several changes. First of all there needed to be a way how they could help customers
quick and efficient with the best possible quality. It meant the birth of a breakfast cart.
As a restaurant in a railway station the busiest moment is during the morning and the
afternoon when people travel to/from their work. Julia’s dindt have any breakfast possibilities,
so that was an essential change.  Also we changed some things in the product range to fit
the need of the customers better and changed the packaging to better fit their brand and
strengthen the brand feeling of the customers.
We reviewed their promotion and decided to completely renew this part.
The last time their facebook was used was already 4 years ago.
So a marketing plan was build. My part in this project was of the creative mind, after I
got the results of the interviews I thought about how breakfast could be implemented the
best in the company. Also I was responsible for the marketing plan and the packaging.


Stack was a brainchild of two friends and me. We were annoyed by how
many times friends of ours used their phones during nights out. We came
together and brainstormed many times. Our goal was to playfully promote
social interaction within a group during an informal reception or a night out
by drastically decrease the time they spent on their phone. Ironically for this
goal the use of your phone was needed. We invented a game where everybody
could join in groups. When you would go out with friends you all linked to the game
at the start of the night. Theneveryone had to keep away their phone. When they
viewed something on their phone, even unlock their screen they would get
penalty points. After an hour or two a direct message to all screens was sent
showing who viewed its phone the most. He then had to do an assignment. Like
getting a round of drinks for the group or personal ideas.

There were many possibilities to use this application which I won’t put on paper
because it is still possible to build but we pitched the idea to several investors
and they were very interested. However we didn’t have a concept version. Only words.
So we worked together with an app developer to make it happen. Unfortunately he
didn’t have the skills to build all of our ideas. At that moment we all went to different
countries to study and the idea got stuck.